About Us


In 1892, Edward Turnbull and his brother-in-law, Henry Pickworth bought land in Ardmona, Victoria. With modest plans to start a viable orchard, they in fact started an amazing journey that has manifested in a family love for growing fruit.

To mark the boundary between their neighboring properties, Edward planted an acorn he’d brought with him from Northumberland. 120 years later it’s a towering Oak tree and although the recent drought has taken it toll, it continues to be a landmark and icon for our family.

Edward’s son Jack and some of his Ardmona mates started the grower owned fruit canning cooperative, Ardmona Fruit Products in 1921. Apparently Jack “mortgaged the kitchen sink” to ensure the business got the capital to get started. Multiple generations of Turnbulls served as directors on the Ardmona board and were committed and loyal suppliers. The true value of their commitment was realised in 2005 when the canning business was sold, with the buyers citing the value of the brands “Ardmona” and “Goulburn Valley” as their reason for buying.